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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Xomba Review

Making money on Xomba

Google AdSense
  • Xomba works with your Google AdSense account. 
  • You write articles and earn money when people click the Google ads. Be sure to set Xomba up with your Good AdSense account.
  • Read other FAQ's here
  • They have an extremely helpful Money Making Guide - definitely worth reading. I just joined this month and find the site very easy to navigate.

Featured Contributer
I am a Featured Contributer in the Computer and Internet category on Xomba. Read my latest article in the Computer and Internet category: Simple Tips to Increase Page Views using Backlinks, SEO and LSI

How much money have I made?
As of yet, I have not seen the financial benefits of Xomba. Perhaps it helps improve your expert status or with backlinking but I have not made any money from publishing there or on referrals yet and I joined at the end of March 2010.

I give Xomba 6 stars.

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