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Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Freelance Writing Opportunities

How To Do Things
If you're looking for a freelance writing job where you can write about your interests, you may like How To Do Things. It's easy to find topics you're knowledgeable in, but you receive payment based on the article's popularity. If you don't mind revenue sharing sites, it's a great choice. 

Break Studios

If you want to write for a set fee, Break Studios is a better option. They pay $8.00 per article (min 250 words). The downside is that some of the titles are a little crude. 

Quality Gal

Another site that offers upfront payments. There is an extensive application process, but once you're accepted it’s a great outlet for improving your talent. Quality Gal pay is $12.00 per article, but you must be familiar with linking.

A content site that pays according to your skill level. Even at a low level, you can make two cents per word. The disadvantage of Ecopywriters is the scarcity of content choices.


A unique site because it allows you to create a review about anything you want. There is no application process and the pay changes occasionally. Typically you will make about $2.50 an article at Reviewstream.

All of these sites pay frequently and are fairly easy to navigate.

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